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Jii, the Authoress

She is Jii, a woman who’s age is best described as old timeless, much like the forgotten hobbies of her life before Becoming a Mum™, something she considers a character trait and refuses to stop talking about (because she has no life outside of motherhood).

Her other, actual traits? They’ve been lost to the abyss of parenting along with her usual pastimes. Once upon a time, she might have been an avid something-or-other, but now? Her days are fueled with lattes, constant studies into some stuff to do with kids (who remembers, really?) and existential dread, and at night she escapes into the lands of video games, and the dulcet tones of audiobooks.

Her culinary passion? Chips soaked in a sea of salt, pepper and vinegar, a snack she’d happily live on if not for the nagging fear of an untimely demise, something-something, cardiac event, blocked veins, something. Large but not even remotely in charge, she embraces her love for life’s culinary delights with a gusto that’s as large as her personality. Zero willpower? More like zero regrets as she savours each bite with the enthusiasm of someone who knows the true joy of a well-stacked chip butty. Appetite for food, appetite for life - Jii’s got an abundance of both.

Discipline, however? None.

She is a gamer, a listener (of books, not so much people), a traveler when the wallet allows it, and a survivor of the mum-life chronicles... but only by a thread.

Jii's eclectic taste in entertainment is a tapestry of drama, mystery, and history. From the gritty streets of Albert Square to the chilling allure of unsolved murder mysteries, and all the way to the opulent courts of Imperial China, she's a connoisseur of stories that span the spectrum of human experience. Whether she's unraveling the threads of a true crime or getting lost in the grandeur of ancient dynasties, Jii's viewing habits are as rich and varied as her chips are salty. In other words, she watches true crime documentaries on YouTube, and thinks Chinese period dramas are pretty. The EastEnders addiction should never be mentioned in public, though.

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