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The Man in the Red Car

03/04/2024 @ 20:49

Today, at approximately 18:55, my world nearly shattered into a million irrecoverable pieces. Flower and I were a mere step away from becoming another statistic, another headline, another heart-wrenching story of loss due to the reckless abandon of what is most likely a drunk driver. I have no witty quips for this blog entry. I have no cute little artwork to add this time. I'm still dealing with the anger and ebbing adrenaline.

As we were crossing the street, a man in a red car, likely intoxicated, blatantly disregarded the screaming red light. He barreled through the intersection with such speed that had we stepped off the curb just moments earlier, or had my daughter been ahead of me in a harness instead of sitting in her pushchair, the outcome would have been unspeakably grim.

The driver didn’t slow down, didn’t brake, didn’t pause to acknowledge the potential catastrophe he nearly caused. The sheer recklessness displayed was a stark reminder of the selfishness that dwells within those who choose to drink and drive, or those who pure and simple are just massive assholes.

To the man behind the wheel: your bald head and bearded face are etched into my memory. The fury I feel for the danger you put us in is immeasurable. You continued on, oblivious or indifferent to the fact that you almost ripped a child from this world, from my arms. There is no excuse, no justification. It’s a choice that endangers lives and devastates families. To anyone who considers driving recklessly or under the influence, remember the faces of those you could harm, the lives you could end, the sorrow you could inflict.

And to the man in the red car: know that the consequences of your actions will catch up to you. Justice has a way of finding its path, and I can only hope that when it does, it prevents you from ever putting another family at risk. And I hope it's the police you come face to face with and not me because they'll treat you kinder.

Fuck. You.

Disclaimer: This blog entry is a serious and most likely overemotional response to a dangerous incident involving a likely drunk driver. If you or someone you know has been affected by drunk driving, please seek support and report the incident to local authorities.

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