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Cleaning the House: A Never-Ending Story

03/04/2024 @ 13:18

As the self-appointed CEO of Sanitation in my household, I was fully aware that signing up for the ‘Mom of a Toddler’ gig would involve some cleaning but I was not prepared for the Herculean task that lay ahead.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered that Flower was actually a secret agent for the League of Mess Makers. Her mission? To ensure that every surface in our home is covered with an intriguing blend of sticky fingerprints, mystery stains, and the occasional nuclear bomb aftermath by the looks of it. Each day, I arm myself with an arsenal of wipes, sprays, and vacuums, ready to tackle the chaos. I scrub, I wipe, I zap every speck of dust, breadcrumb and half-eaten banana – and just when I think I’ve won, I find a half-eaten cookie in the couch or a crayon masterpiece on the wall. It’s like living in a Groundhog Day of grime!

But fear not, for I have developed a superpower – the ability to spot a spill from a mile away and clean it up in record time. They say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, and at this rate, I’ll be bench-pressing a car by next week.

To all the parents out there riding the relentless rollercoaster of toddler tidiness, I salute you. One day, maybe a decade from now, we will find the bottom of the laundry pile.

Disclaimer: No toddlers were harmed in the making of this blog post. The same cannot be said for the author’s sanity.

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